from July 7th

to October 7th


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The fourth annual Border City Comedy Fest will take place in Windsor, Ontario
over 8 weekends starting July 7th, 2017.
  • Each preliminary weekend will have 8 comedians competing for their spot on the finale weekend October 6th & 7th.
  • Friday night performances will consist of 8 comedians preforming 6 minutes each, with the top 3 moving on to Saturday night.
  • Saturday night performances will consist of Friday’s top 3 preforming 10 minutes each.
  • The winner moves on to the Finale and is guaranteed prize money.
64 Comedians will compete over 8 weeks, with each week’s winner moving on to the finale.


$5,000 in Cash Prizes to be WON!

Preliminary Weeks:

  • Place in the top 3 on Friday.
  • Be the best on Saturday.
  • Move on to the finale.

Prize Structure:

1st $2500.00
2nd $1000.00
3rd $500.00
4th-8th $200.00

The finale weekend will be held October 6th & 7th, 2017

Registration Is Now Open

The following form will be used as your bio information if you are chosen, so please make sure it’s accurate. Please include an image for your headshot that is at least 400×400 pixels and less than 3MB in size, otherwise, your bio image won’t look properly. Note, there is a $5 registration fee which helps us cover costs to run this website.

Personal Information


About Yourself

Your video must be 8 minutes or less
1st Club
2nd Club
3rd Club

*IMPORTANT: Photos should be mainly of shoulders and up (a headshot), at least 400x400 pixels, and MUST be less than 3MB.

Date(s) You Are Available to Perform

Congratulations Trixx!
Our current champion $2,500 prize winner for BCCF 2016.

2nd place Marc Sinagoga - $1,000

3rd place Jeff Elliott - $500

2016 Border City Comedy Fest Finalists
2015 Border City Comedy Fest Champions
    Mayce Galoni
    Dom Pare
All events hosted by...

Rockhead Comedy Quarry
1444 Ottawa Street
Windsor, ON N8X 2G1
(226) 346-0646
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